An extra word about Girona…


So Girona turned out to be my favourite stop in Spain.  It was a long journey to Girona from Castellon so we stopped for lunch in Tarragona.  Suddenly everyone seemed to speak English and I realised how isolated I’d been really only having had two adult conversations in a whole week!  It’s funny how many people can be around you yet somehow you’re trapped in a box with you somehow on the inside and everyone else on the outside.  However, it was short lived as in Girona I still struggled to be understood but there were notiably many more French speakers around us being so close to the border.  However I was amazed as I watched our host and owner of our campsite, Can Toni Manescal, Lorenc speak at least four different languages to guests!  The site was probably the most basic and oldest we’d been to but I loved it.  We were high up with amazing views of the Pyrenees in the distance and Ru loved the swimming pool.  It was great to see his confidence growing in the water.  He also finally found some friends which helped to alieviate my guilt at dragging him across a country with only me for company!

But perhaps the best thing about my stay in Girona was the food!  Lorenc put on a set menu each evening of delicious, home-cooked food.  Most impressive was the fresh coloured salad with flowers (yes real flowers) from their garden.  I have never tasted such a delicious salad!

After the first night we drove into Girona itself where a wonderful delight met us in the form of the most gorgeous little town I’ve ever seen.  We crossed the river over a cute little bridge into the old part of the town and visited the imposing Cathedral.  It had a real impact on me.  It actually felt like a real spiritual experience.  I’m not sure if it was to do with the building itself or the fact that many have sought God within its walls and the presence of many heartfelt prayers was almost tangible, hanging peacefully yet expectantly in the air.

We’re off to France tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it.  My French is poor (in fact Bear Cub’s is probably better than mine!) but it somehow seems more accessible and I have always had a strange draw to France.  So well see what tomorrow’s adventure brings!



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