Why (most) girls want to be a Princess

Many of my mummy friends who have little girls all tell me how they actively discouraged their daughters from all that is pink, fluffy, sparkly and girly. Yet, given the choice, all of their little darlings would kit themselves from head-to-toe in pink with a pair of wings and sparkly tiara! Why? Surely it’s not all down to the subliminal powers of advertising in-between Milkshake when you’ve switched over from Cbeebies just to get a break from Justin Fletcher (why is he in every show?)!
Well I’ll tell you why; (and this is from a girl who used to say if she ever had a baby daughter she’d dress her in black just to make a point) it’s because all girls, no matter what age, want to be a princess – at least for some of the time.  I think of myself as a part-time feminist yet just now and then I would like to be pampered and pursued and basically be allowed to have my own way.  Just once a month would do.
I personally didn’t get the hype around Kate Middleton from women and girls alike until I realised what they were admiring:  That role of being special, untouchable, infallible and flawless *sigh*. It still slightly makes me feel sick but I understand the frustration women have today with men who no longer pursue women. By pursue, by the way, I don’t mean ‘stalk’.  I mean woo, flatter, court and persist (with gifts optionally included)!
I’m not bothered with the wearing pink bit but I identify with little girls globally who want to have their every wish and delight fulfilled at the wave of a hand, eat what they like and still look beautiful. Is that too much to ask guys?


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