What is success?

A friend of mine was feeling under-valued, overwhelmed and generally unappreciated: ‘I just want to be a success at something’, she exclaimed.  She is utterly brilliant so it was easy for me to then go on to list her various strengths and general awesomeness.  But, it got me thinking how our feelings of failure hugely depend on our definition of success.  If success is making lots of money, and being ‘recognised’ and/or ‘celebrated’ for our achievements then perhaps a large majority of us could feel like a failure.  But after lots of thought I came up with my own definition of success:

Success is doing what you’re created to do.

It came to me so clearly; success is not something we do, it’s something we are!  That might be a parent, a cook, a gardener, a writer or any number of big or small things.  Success should depend on how we define it in our own eyes and not the eyes of others.  We’re all on a journey and I firmly believe we’re not only a success when we reach our end and ultimate goal.  Instead we are a collective series of successes along life’s way.  Every personal, private as well as public and corporate victory is to be celebrated – to remind us we are already a success.  disappointment can only exist with a false expectation in place.  Therefore it’s pretty cool and very freeing that we can’t disappoint God because he does not have a false expectation of us.  We are already a success!


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