I’m a Pro!

A pro-crastinator that is!!! : /

Ok so I’ve had a really s**t couple of weeks what with running out of money 4 days after pay day, nursery fees almost bouncing, having a sick little boy who was up most nights (grrrr!) and finding out a previous so-called ‘friend’ is not just spreading gossip about me, but lies!!! (I must admit this last one particularly floored me – I truly don’t understand why someone would do that at all).  So, I let it all get on top of me for a couple of weeks and felt myself slightly retreat back into that slimy hole I’d finally managed to begin to haul myself out of.  You see, although it’s pretty dark in ‘said hole’ it morbidly feels safe and secure in there.  Of course it’s all illusion.  It’s the trap we fall for as in actual fact it’s a slippery slope which leads all the way to nowhere – and fast!

I realised I had to write about this to be faithful to the warts and all mission of this blog (so far mainly warts, bad and ugly – hoping to have some ‘good’ to feedback soon!).  I also realised these ‘setbacks’ were just that – setbacks.  They aimed to mess up my footing and I’m sure many can identify with just when you finally feel brave enough to dream something or take a teeny-tiny pontipine step (that one’s for all the mum’s who read this!) then something tries to whisper to you that you just can’t do it and what on earth were you thinking you could for anyway!!  Well, in the interests of keeping this clean – stuff that! I am going to make a difference, I am going to encourage and inspire women like me who do have a dream that deserves to be fulfilled and I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself, ignore tiredness and give up being such a professional procrastinator!!

Instead of believing everything is against us, let’s challenge ourselves to believe everything is ‘for’ us.  One of my all time fave ‘dream’ quotes is from ‘The Alchemist’ when author Paulo Coelho says:

‘And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’

Can I get an Amen?!!!

Loretta x

P.S Please join the ‘More than a Woman/More than a Mum’ Facebook group as I’ll be posting some research questions and some tips for getting you on your way to your dreams in return this week! Hold me to it!!!

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