New Year, new me, new name

This year I am reverting to my old surname ‘Andrews’ so I will be blogging from this account instead!

I’m really hoping this will be the year I move on into freedom and I’m really trying to have the right positove attitude to get off to a good start and as they say to ‘start as I mean to carry on’.  So I’m setting some New Year’s resolutions for the first time in years…

Things I’m going to do in 2012…

  • Pick up a guitar and start learning to play again
  • Get fit and get my body back – Zumba baby!
  • Get some articles published
  • Write some songs
  • Have regular singing lessons with my sis
  • Have some…no, LOTS of FUN!!!!!!

This year I am taking my new year’s resolutions very seriously.  I never usually do as I think they set us up for inevitable failure but, this year I am really going to do EVERYTHING on this list especially the fun part.

I am going to aim to smile at every possible opportunity, laugh often and dance daily (well maybe weekly – let’s keep it realistic!)